In many organizations, planning the leadership offsite or annual conference falls to internal resources who already have a full-time job and do not have the availability, experience and expertise needed. Great value can be added and savings realized with an experienced team leading site selection and negotiating venue contracts, securing speakers, branding content and managing production and technical elements. We have the benefit of planning and executing hundreds of events serving thousands of attendees for many corporations and industry associations. In addition to the best practices we’ve developed internally, we are heavily engaged in the meetings industry and have developed deep relationships in the industry since our inception. The collective buying power of our clients, our decades of experience and our broad perspective on the industry translate into a valuable return on the investment of engaging us.

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    “You and your staff did it again – in fact, I think this year’s conference was one of the best ever. You are admired and respected by everyone associated with this conference and it is well deserved.”
  • “Thanks for your leadership and organizational skills in making our event a very smooth and enjoyable experience.”
  • “If there were a Conference Organizing and Coordination Achievement Award, you would certainly be my lead candidate!”
  • “Just wanted to thank you again for a terrific event. You and your staff are superb and so great to work with. Everything goes so smoothly (or seems to!) and I know it wouldn’t if you weren’t there to make it so.”
  • “You and your team are the glue that holds this organization together and we’d never have gotten to this point without your dedication and expertise.”
  • “I wanted to thank you for putting on another excellent event this year. Your professionalism, helpfulness and optimistic approach, to what must be at times a stressful and hectic undertaking, adds to the overall pleasure and success of the event. There were many times when I was preparing for a workshop or panel and I needed something, and before I could even turnaround, I found you or your staff approaching me with what I needed. You all go out of your way to make sure the whole event runs as smoothly as possible and are always thinking ahead of what the participants and attendees need.”